Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"

Is it possible to be any better?

I doubt so, as this is perfect! Perhaps the only way to make it better is- Oh, wait, we can do that already...




Think "Projector"


if only online i would do headshots everyday

We Can Haz Unreal Flash Online?

EPICC! even cool without online!

lol, i remember these days, i was playing so much of this alot. not this much. this much. 1,000. i found out the cheat codes you guys need. here are the codes! Care Package Inbound: Secret Team Unlocked: WHOARETHEMASTERS
Secret Map Unlocked: WHEREAMI
Matrix Mode Activated: ENTERTHEMATRIX
Play as Ironman: IMFROMIRONMAN
Play as Crash Dummy: ILOVECRASHING
Play as Mario: ITSAMEMARIO

Erik responds:

Hahaha yeah i love to have cheats in games :) Thanks for playing