Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"


been looking forward to this forever continue making these game cuz they are AWESOME!

ya know what

this is a pretty awesome game! good graphics and weapon transistion, not to mention you kept the original flow of what this game is all about. and to all you hatehs out there do you really think a game as big as this isnt going to lag once in awhile. if the game is to hard mabye you just suck, or dont play


I waited years for this and its back, and better than i tought, too! The stupid AI, crazy weapons and a sh*t load of fun; what else do you need to waste hours on a game?

Where do i find the team menu or whatever it's called when i unlock the secret team?Other than that this is an AWESOME GAME!!!!!!I just wish that there were cheats that enables\disables either infinite health or infinite ammo ONLY for the player,and this game does need an online mode but it's still an AWESOME GAME!!!!!!

My childhood :)

Erik responds:

Glad to hear buddy! I hope i get to make another one.