Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"


it has that same element as the old unreal flashes i liked it it was simple but GREAT!!
Good job.

i love and hate it at the same time

why i love this game: better graphics, maps, weapons and character design than the first 2 games in the series, somehow runs "smoother". the other ppl are saying that the enemy ai is too good but i'm not having any problems with that. (then again, i effing rock)
why i hate it: i'm addicted, and im supposed to be studying ):. also, the teammate ai IS a little bit dumb, and gets in the way, just like the others say. 10 stars nonetheless.


WHOARETHEMASTERS - Secret Team Unlocked.
WHEREAMI Secret - Secret Map Unlocked.
ENTERTHEMATRIX - Matrix Mode Activated (slow motion mode)
IMFROMIRONMAN - play as Ironman
ILOVECRASHING - play as crash test dummy
ITSAMEMARIO - play as Mario
this is such a great gamee 10/10 5/5

is this online?

I always loved any web game that allowed aiming through mouse. If you ever make a continuation of this series, I suggest for the story mode instead of an arena its a level you progress through with non-humanoid enemies. Also possibly add character physics, like the x button in Plazma burst 2.

Great game, great concept.