Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"


much better than the first and second one pretty easy and sometimes laggy and I prefer raze to this it is less laggy and more stylish.


i know the second was glitchy as crap and all but that one was way better and more addicting than this one... this is a complete downgrade from the 2nd one... the graphics suck... and my scren moves if i wanna switch weapons and honestly who has the time to look down at the key board and pick which weapon you want... i would suggest a more halo like aproach with only having two weapons at a time

Awesome but...

This game is frickin' awesome but is laggy as hell at times. I also agree with the review below me, those changes would be pretty awesome. But I prefer Raze to this, no offence!


This game is good but I wish to make a few suggestions 1: More weapons I have loads of weapons but there just is not enough 2: a create your own character you mix and match character heads and other body parts to make your Ideal Character 3: more levels I completed the game in less than an hour

Thank you for reading and please make this (BTW this is better than raze)