Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"

Good game

I liked the game but it would glitch a lot. I don't know if that's just my computer or if anyone else was having the same problems. I liked the gameplay but the glitching made me die more than I normally would have.

Could use some work.

The game had a wide selection of people you could be, the music was good. But the A.I are complete vegetables. It was always me against three other people. My teammates would simply give them free kills. And the friendly fire made it even worse so not only is my side mentally retarded; I have to try and avoid their spastic jumping asses. And the lag was brutal. Even on a lower setting. It wasn't brushable lag, it was brutal.

The First Had the Camera Perfect.

Very Fun Game, but low fps and all the action is closeup, you can't even see the enemy correctly.

It has its ups, it has its downs

The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is good and the concept is spectacular, but like all things in this world, it is far from perfect. the weapon switching system can get annoying ( for instance if you have double shotguns and then it auto switches you to another gun) lagging out is common and your teammates are basically mindless morons. these things set aside it is an awesome game, but if you fix these problems it would be alot better .

good game and all but...

this game is a little ok but needs a WHOLE lot more work. i got really annoyed by the major glitches but you should make 4th one but make it bigger and better