Reviews for "Unreal Flash 3"




WHOARETHEMASTERS - Secret Team Unlocked.
WHEREAMI Secret - Secret Map Unlocked.
ENTERTHEMATRIX - Matrix Mode Activated (slow motion mode)
IMFROMIRONMAN - play as Ironman
ILOVECRASHING - play as crash test dummy
ITSAMEMARIO - play as Mario
this is such a great gamee 10/10 5/5


THIS IS A DOWNGRADE. The BOSS MAP gives the boss a advantage since its basically anti-gravity so you can't even go down and if he gets a double gun your fked in your spawn.

Its alright

That was pure crap

I enjoy it

I enjoy this game - but it has become very glitchy over time. It won't allow you to replay the game with old awards and such if you log off or leave the page as usual.