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Monster Castle Defense

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Protect your queen from the evil human army that wants to destroy her. Summon monsters, upgrade , evolve and create a powerfull army.

Use mouse to play.
Select monters to:
Ugrade attack: Sword button
Evolve: Arrow button
Sell: Money button
(first select a monster)
t:rise attack

(this hotkey instrutions are at the end of the tutorial that appear everytime you enter a level).

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This would be so much cooler/better if the humans were actual heroic instead of evil. It always annoys me whenever the heroic-looking people are actually evil, while you look evil but are actually heroic.

Miss my childhood...

Castle 3 is brought to you by DR.BEES. Also those annoying little shits who climb straight into the throne room. Anyway great game. Loved the sprite-work, in-fact if there was one thing I would have wanted more of would be monster sprites, having some of the monsters take on a few more forms. Would have liked to see more of everything, actually. This is the kind of game that could have a really great sequel or remake by adding more monsters, humans, designs, etc. (although I probably won't see that happen since the game was made in 2011)

I just finished the game and it's a pretty sweet game. Keep then comin' .

My only complaints were with the towers, as other people have already said. If you could buy a level up, then you could have had many more strategies. An obvious solution would be to build your defense from the top down, but I assume that a lot of people missed this.

As for the towers themselves:
I really liked mudman, but it was too expensive and evolved rather slowly.
I disargee with LordThanatos, dragon was clearly superior to the demon, especially when leveled up, dragon has three different attacks when leveled up, and all of them deal damage: pushback, additional damage, and frost breath, which freezes the enemies solid for a couple of seconds. In addition to this, the skeleton needs to evolve 3 times in order to increase his attack power, the dragon gets it after the first level up. I suggest bulding a slime first, than a dragon and after that the artillery. :D
I also faced a dilemma with plants, when they evolve for the second time, they lose half of their range, which I really disliked, becouse my strategies were mostly with choke points.

NIce simple and fun game to play. Love the idea of beating down knights with plants.