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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


It's a realy good game defend tower ^^

Very Enjoyable.

Concept: Cool, and original, playing as bad guys, nice characters. 9/10
Gameplay: Fun! I like that you can upgrade towers, they have multiple uses, relaxing 10/10
Story: Not really much of one but it doesn't really call for one, so 5/10
Art: WONDAFUL!!! I love how it's pixely, but still very cool, and it gets better as they upgrade 10/10
Animation: The way you animated the pixelated characters was amazing, being a pixel artist myself who sucks at animating, it blew me away. 10/10

OVERALL: 44/50 X 2= 88/100

cool game

but it could be better - if you could adjust the speed, or change the music, or if you could unlock other aspects of the game (monsters, levels, etc) or if it had a more developed plot.

that said, i enjoyed playing it. Its a great little game,.


Make this an iPhone app


its pretty boring...and so boring i cant keep enough focus to win.....could be better...sorry...