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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Like it

Im a Defense game fan..so you got me on that one...
Still even though it is a highly entertaining game (been playing for 4 hours) it has room for improvement.
You should insert diferent backgrounds for a starters..than you have to put more musics so that it doesnt get to the point that we just get sick like i got of hearing the same thing...to finish i must say that more variety would be good as well, more enemies and defense guys...
Overall really liked it.

Good game

Good game with a tower defence theme. Good idea thats pictured well in this game.

Interesting take on an old genre.

Overall? A solid game! It's fun and interesting, and I'm sure it'll be right at home here on Newgrounds.

This game does these things right:

1.) Cool design idea.

More important than almost anything, the cool design factor- playing as monsters to protect a gnarly-toothed queen from human invaders- is what really elevates this game. Few games are as creative as this anymore, and creativity is what we desperately need.

2.) Nice, and creative, graphics.

Tremendously important- good looks matter, and interesting looks matter more. So this one's a clear winner on that scale. It's not the best I've ever seen, but it's quite intriguing, even the more basic designs.

3.) Unusual take on an old genre.

Side-scrolling tower defense games, while they exist, are rarer than traditional top-down games. Combined with the unique concept behind this game, it adds another level of flavor and creativity to the project.

This game could be improved by:

1.) Addition of a better tutorial.

The current "tutorial" is literally just a menu screen. This is not very helpful, and works by info-dumping a great deal of information at the start. That's not what you want to see when starting a game. A more user friendly starter level would be best, or at least a slightly more involved tutorial. Admittedly, having it show up each time you jump into a level is a nice touch, as it lets one refresh the memory very quickly. This is something more games should do.

2.) No real explanation of whether evolution or upgrading weapons is better.

This would be required in order to plan strategy better.

3.) More enemy variety.

Not nearly enough enemy variety, but this is more of a nitpicking point. Most of the enemies feel alike.

Pretty good

its a pretty creative game, i like the ability to upgrade towers and build a different variety of them. One thing that was a little troublesome was when i wanted to select another tower while i had one selected. It played around with my mouse and i had to click on the tower instead of using hot keys. Other than that, pretty good :)