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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Good game

It's very entertaining, figuring out which strategy would work makes me think a lot.
Yes I use those slimes and also the plants, and yes I got that lag too, but it wasn't so bad, I would recomend though to right click the screen and select "Quality" and then click "Low", it'll look awful, but it may decrease the lag effect.
The tactic I mostly use its the following, 1st floor, only skeletons, they work as cannon fooder against the kamikaze; 2nd floor, leave the first spot free for a "panic skeleton' in case one kamikaze makes it to the second floor, then have 2 slimes, 1 dragon and 2 plants (they don't have to be recruited in that order); and 3rd and 4th floor only slimes and plants of course slimes in front of plants otherwise the tactic would just go poop.
I've tried only castle 1 on every difficulty available, I'm going to take my time doing the other just like hiace5 said.

Great fun!!

I've finished easy, normal, hard, and I'm half way through expert so I have quite a bit of experience with the game, and I've found a couple things that bug me.

The Hikers will sometimes get to the third level then immediately climb up right in front, or BEHIND my Queen (and the defenses I have on that level). I find that to be a little unfair. Also there have been times where they climb up but don't stop going up. They just fly off the screen then I have to restart the level because the game is waiting for me to kill that one guy who I can't even see anymore.

Also I wish it would tell you what the next "upgrade" of a monster would be, and its characteristics. I would specifically want this for the Plants. The change from Plant 2 to 3 has a wild decrease of range. I wish I knew that before I upgraded. I would also like to know when the price breaks are during the level ups. A Hive at level (Im' just sitting out numbers) 5 costs 40 bones to upgrade attack from 11 to 12 when a Hive at level 2 costs 90 bones to upgrade attack from 11 to 12. I understand the reasoning behind it, I just wish it would tell us where those breaks are.

One more then I promise I'm done. : ) The exp to upgrade Mudman and Corpes seems a little high to me. The Corpes I understand why the exp has to be high, but the Mudman?! Also does the Corpes exp come from time spent on the map, as opposed to the number of enemies hit?

Anyway, I didn't get any of the lag that people are talking about and I loved the game : D!! A speed up button would be nice though. Great game keep up the good work I hope I see a Monster Castle Defense in the future!

one a day

i play one castle a day, and therefor it isnt boring ^^
good work :D

enjoyable game

however whenever u put in a slowing or stopping character the game lags to a complete stop making impossible to defend yourself till everyone stops being slowed/stopped. i just simply began not using them but once u get into extreme difficulty u don't really have a choice


every time i get 200 bones or more i cant do anything until i cast tornado