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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


good game, but way to many tiny flaws. namely, the effen lag dude. I checked my settings and everything. It gets to laggy to know what's going on, next thing I know it's game over. And I don't care if people write this as unhelpful because I gave an honest opinion. I read through some reviews, I'm not the only one with lag issues on only this game.

Hmm, the climbing enemies get stuck

On the third level, I have no idea how to kill them when you run out of money. Anyways, good game, the only thing I would say is add a speed up button.


P should be the pause button rather than that clicky thing in the corner. Also you could use better music something more like castlevania. The art and animation is great but it gets laggy when there are a lot of enemies. Although that might be me. Lots of fun. I like to play it a lot.

As with all defense games

Could've done with a 'speed up' button. Also, lost a star for the descriptions of things not being given on mouse-over.


why do you only get four lives why cant it fill all the positions and why does the queen explod why donsnt the queen get slashed thats why they are there to destroy your queen not fall in love then get atten