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Armed with Wings 3

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11/11/10 - GOOD VIBES TO TOM FULP FOR FRONTPAGE! Mr. Fulp you truly are Armed with Wings!

The world is now in silence, gone is the empire and the few villages that exist do so in peace. In the absence of the Gods, a great evil slowly plagues the earth. Embark on a great journey, armed with your eagle, you must stop this growing network of darkness.

Armed with Wings 3 consists 6 chapters, 6 epic boss battles and a total of 30 levels complimented by stunning art a compelling story. In addition there is a combat heavy survival mode and unlockable bonus content such as soundtrack and cutscenes.

I've really put a lot of effort into this game and I hope everyone has a blast!

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I've been playing this games since I was in middle school and now I'm in my third year of college. This is a straight up hack and slash classic and will always be one of my favorites.

Immortal classic. The flashy seamless flowing animations, the artistic air and ground movement, great music -

D-SuN responds:

owww thanks! Glad you like it all these years later. the game is nearly 10 years old!

It's great, but I'm curious whether Leo's mom is the girl from the game with the blood moon

First, Network reminded me of Slenderman, and now he reminds me of Primal Evil Diablo

great game i like how you can teleport makes the final battles epic
btw is it only me or does network look like vasto lorde ichigo from anime bleach?