Reviews for "Armed with Wings 3"

Awesome game, it has unique graphics, powerful bosses, nice story divided in charapter, a lot of upgrades, nice physics, and excellent weapons, thanks for this game, congratulations! 5/5

WOW! This is one of those games that makes you take a step back. The style of this game and the graphics have left me speechless. Great Job! my only complaint is a bug that causes you to get stuck and unable to move in survival mode.

I CANT STOP PLAYING LOLOLOLOL ITS SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this game is fucking epic

I love this game really good graphics and animations I like the way you level up and all here's some tips:
specials aren't really good so I suggest you upgrade it last
if you're going to pick a special I suggest you choose teleportation (it makes you look cool and it helps travel faster)
the god moves are the best styles
you should upgrade damage and speed first
you should get the boosts (all of them) after you finish upgrading or you can get important ones like chargeable attacks,anti flinch and regeneration
besides that there's some glitches in some levels when you die so you have to restart the whole place
that's all have fun with the game and all