Reviews for "Armed with Wings 3"

nc game

nc gameplay!

Great game

I noticed how you got alot of sound effects from bleach like the "cero". It also seemed to me the second to last boss was alot like ichigo when he fought and killed ulquiora. Then the last boss reminded me alot of when ichigoes Zanpakuto and his hallow merged and he had to fight that. But i love bleach which only made the game cooler haha keep up the good work!!! Gnna go play the first two now

Amazing outcome

Different fighting and sword techniques, appreciated art and graphics, and the storyline was very nice. One other glitch though, you cannot get hit (even with boss's special attacks) if you have the Ice Shot equipped and you keep spamming the special button. Got me through the whole game in a breeze.


Dude, this shit is awesome, the graphics are extraordinary!


This game is good the art, sounds,and styles.I hope you make more D SUN