Reviews for "Armed with Wings 3"

кому как да

i first played this when i was around the age of 9. This game was amazing compared to all the other games i could find on here. Here I am a good 8 years later. alright GREAT GAME YOU DID A REALLY NICE JOB GOOBYE

Simply breathtaking.

I like the way it combines Armed with wings's puzzle solving with Armed with wings 2's fast paced battle combo's and smooth sprite animations together. There are a shitload of glitches in the Story and Survival mode which are irritating. Over all, its a good game.

This is a great game, but after Armed With Wings 2 and Culmination, it was kind of... different.
I really liked the simple style of the first games and I thought that this one was a bit too detailed compared to the good ol' awesome games. The plot was also a bit complicated compared to the straightforward "reclaim your throne" of 2 and Culmination. It is pretty genius though and I liked it overall.