Reviews for "Armed with Wings 3"

Great music, great combos, everything about this is AWESOME!

It's so damn buggy.
I loved the combos, visuals, sound, and specials, but that doesn't mean a frigging thing if the game is barely even playable.
Sometimes I clip through walls and floors, and before I just gave up, there was the fact that one of the switches kept switching between being pressed and not being pressed after I put a box on it, and I couldn't do anything.
And this is just disappointing, because I love Armed with Wings, and this seemed like a promising entry, but it's too broken.

OMG This Game Rocks And Music Was Cool!!
Thumbs Up!

I'm not sure if it just me but.......this game seems to have a few bugs that weren't there last time I played.

Amazing musics,weapons,and ending!You are AWSOME!!!

D-SuN responds:

I'm glad you like :D