Little Cannon

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Addicted 10 Points

Play and finish 5 different custom levels

Creative 10 Points

Create your own level (must add at least five objects)

Critic 10 Points

Rate 5 custom levels

Easy as 1, 2, 3 10 Points

Finish the three tutorial levels

Sprayer 10 Points

Fire your cannon 250 times

Bronze medalist 25 Points

Finish all levels

Brute Force 25 Points

Fire three 100% shots in a row

Resourceful 25 Points

Earn gold ranking on level 2 by only firing one ball

Show off 25 Points

Clear level 15 with a ball that does not touch walls or floor

Silver medalist 50 Points

Earn at least silver rank on all levels

Gold medalist 100 Points

Earn gold rank on all levels

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


Space - Restart level
Esc - Back to menu
M - Mute
Q - Toggle quality

Medals stuff

To earn the 'Creative' medal you must now add at least FIVE OBJECTS next to the cannon and basket that is already present. This because many of the levels before I made this change was everything but creative ;)

The medals "Addicted" and "Critic" must be completed in one session. The counters are reset after the game is shut down, and since the level browser on this page reloads the game you must use the controls on the level select screen if you're aiming for these medals.

If you unlock "Sprayer" or "Bronze/Silver/Gold medalist" but they doesn't show up in your profile try typing in "resendmedals" at the main menu.


Here's a project I've been working on periodically for quite a while now, so it feels great to finally release it! It's my first encounter with Box2D, and also with the awesome Pushbutton game engine, so it has been a great learning experience and I hope to be able to make even bigger and better projects combining these two in the future :)

Thanks to Rucklo for the audio, and Tom for sponsorship!

- knugen


its ok...nothing really awesome or amazing

nothing new added to the genre at all. I got bored after level 12 with little difficulty in passing the levels. makes me want to take a nap...maybe add some scenery instead of just single color background...something more original than picking up stars and making the ball in the plain white bucket. just very bland and not very creative...got smoke some pot to expand your mind and then come back and improve


Really nice game, really nice idea.

Loved the animation, the feeling. A bit empty though.

10th review.


The art is great, the music is cool and the gameplay is addicting. My only complaint is that if you restart a certain amount of times the game goes choppy for some reason.

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Just no

This game is so frustrating that at level 10 I just plain stopped caring. If you want to make a physics-based game like this that has limited shots, being able to control the strength of the shot precisely is a MUST, not a "nice to have." Shots have to be repeatable on future attempts.

If you don't change the controls I will not play this game again. Ever. The idea is great, and the physics work well enough, and the visual style is fantastic. But the controls are the deal breaker.

You either need to make the number of shots unlimited and have the star ranking be based on a combination of stars collected and shots used, or you need to give us precise strength control. Otherwise, for all intents and purposes, the game might as well be unplayable, and I have rated it as such.

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THis game was very enjoyable

I was having a blast from start to finish.The game play was great the graphics were simple but yet fun.Although the custom levels after you rated on one it just said thank you and sat there and you had to click level select and custom levels where it should of taken you back to custom levels immediately.And it should have more of a custom menu instead of it getting picked random.I did love this game and the medals are hard but very reasonable.I will have a fun adventure on trying to get all the medals in this.

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2010
9:47 PM EDT
Skill - Toss