Reviews for "Little Cannon"


faloot i just beasted ur level

It's pretty good!

I enjoyed it, except a few levels were (are) confusing. I'm figuring them out though, and it's a great puzzle! Nice job!

Oh, and fatloot, I don't know if anyone else has beaten your level, but I did. I even had to take the screenshot of it just because it was that hard! Thanks for the challenge. =D

And just a comment on the "BTW" portion--that is slightly offensive because it reminds me of a math teacher telling you that the extremely hard lesson you just learned is so easy that you should be able to take the test the next day.


Teh game is awesome, i enjoyed it a lot. I didn't get the gold medalist and the brute force one. But as soon as i got the silver medalist one it appeared a message saying:

Congratulations, you've finished all the levels with at least a silver ranking! Now try to get gold on them or play some custon levels instead!
As a reward for finishing the game you get these cheat codes. (type them in on the main menu):

=>up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A<= THAT'S THE SECRET MEDAL!!!
(The Konami code)

(unlocks all levels)

(changes background music)

(play a (really) old version of this game)

I know i helped ,lol!


Called: Dare to Beat
ID: 21564
By: fatloot

I don't think anyone's beaten it.

Good Luck! :D

Very good!

I thought the game was very well put together. I didn't think it was nearly impossible as some people have implied on here. I've already gotten the all-silver medal and a couple of gold medals, and all together I have 6 achievements on the game. Yes, it is hard, but it's a good kind of hard, the kind that keeps you wanting to play it over and over again until you beat your old score. =)

Overall, I thought this game was very fun and put together. Good job!