Chaos Faction 2

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Burn someone to a crisp

Recycler 5 Points

Kill someone with a dropped weapon

Zoned Out 5 Points

Complete all campaign challenges in Zone 1

Anger Management 10 Points

Make 5 KO's with rage attacks in one match

Crate Expectations 10 Points

Collect 20 crates in one match

In The Zone 10 Points

Complete all campaign challenges in Zone 2

KAPOW! 10 Points

Hit someone with a full-powered wind-up punch

Magic Number 10 Points

Get a 3x multikill

Zero Gravity 10 Points

Go offscreen and recover

4 On The Floor 25 Points

Get a 4x multikill

Architect 25 Points

Make an awesome level in the Level Editor and play a match on it

Chaos Kudos 25 Points

Complete all campaign challenges in the game

Immortal 25 Points

Don't lose any lives in a campaign challenge

Veteran 25 Points

Play 10 deathmatch games

Fantastic 5 50 Points

Get a 5x multikill

Lift Off! 50 Points

Knock someone into space

Pacifist 50 Points

Complete a campaign challenge without harming anyone

Survivor 50 Points

Get a score of 10,000 or higher in Survival mode

Take The Plunge 50 Points

Hold the plunger for 15 seconds in a row

Up And Away 50 Points

Knock someone into the stratosphere

Author Comments


If you're experiencing issues with the controls sticking, try the solution described here:
http://tinyurl.com/2fpg29 b


The long-awaited sequel to the classic Chaos Faction! Battle your way through 15 new campaign levels with new weapons, characters, moves, and more explosions than you can shake a stick of dynamite at.

New features include: improved hand-to-hand combat, enhanced level editor, offline multiplayer, advanced character editor, unlockable game options, achievements, and a new deathmatch mode: Plunger Match.

Also check out the CF2 forum for CF2-related stuff, including updates, tips, and new levels! http://www.dissoluteprodu ctions.com/forum/index.ph p/board,36.0.html
Remember to watch out for news updates in the news box in the top left corner of the loading screen.

If you're having performance issues with the game (low framerate etc.) try reducing the quality, or turn off 'Dynamic Screen' or 'Particles' in the settings menu. You can pause the game to get to the settings menu by pressing the spacebar.


-Left: move left
-Right: move right
-Up: jump/double jump
-Down: shield/stomp
-Z: attack 1
-X: attack 2
-Shift: hold with weapon to melee attack
-D: drop weapon
-Spacebar: pause game

Advanced controls are explained in the game. Controls can be changed in the settings menu.


Well thats just downright cute

I found the controls a lil slidey, i mean he kept goin when i released ya kno? Umm..what else...no that's about it actually, it was entertaining!



I liked chaos faction one a bit better. and the key sticking doesn't make things any better. but it has improved graphics.

Review #1508

Great game the animation is well worked on especially the factory and such the background has some great efforts put into it. The audio choice was a definite awesome choice as it fits into the gameplay perfectly. Awesome control choice by the way I had a small problem with them in the harder levels but that can be easily changed in the settings menu nice job!

Fun game and all but there should be some sort of a storyline or some ideas created together to form one because this didn't really show much of one whatsoever. It gets pretty repetitive as it's just about the same stuff, there should be more upgrades and options included just so the player doesn't get tired of the game to quick.

Awesome game to play not for a long period of time but certaintly a game to come back to every once in awhile great job keep up the great work man!

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29,15,15,14,15,50,14 is my character,pico


But there's a fine, thin line between "challenging" and "impossible".

After... How many tries now? I still can't beat the level with the eskimo and the polar bears.

It's good, but that level is too hard. If not for this tiny, perhaps somewhat trivial fact, it would have been a 10.

Still, it's a good game, and it contains everything you promised: A chaotic brawl.
And there's something I just love about that chaotic brawling aspect of both Chaos Faction 1 and 2.
It, like many other games, has its own charm. One that I honestly miss in today's games: namely chaotic, random violence.

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Credits & Info

4.46 / 5.00

May 7, 2010
11:23 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
  • Frontpaged May 7, 2010
  • Daily 2nd Place May 8, 2010
  • Weekly 3rd Place May 11, 2010