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Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"


Spectacular, this game is a grand improvement on the first, which was still great. Nice job guys.


FINALLY! I can't believe it! I can finally have another Chaos Adventure!


I always loved chaos faction, I didn't even know EON was working on CF2 this whole time! You went above and beyond with this game, adding new maps, the importation of BG's on level editor, Added new characters and weapons, refurbished the old ones, and flat out AMAZED me! All glitches are part of your computer, as I have tested these glitches stated below. Here is my character:
39,39,5,5,5,47,39. His name is Ninjight :3. I shall make a map soon! ^u^ Great job EON!!!

how do u get the lift off and up and away award

really great game just having troubles getting those two awards


This will forever be one of the best games on Newgrounds. It's kind of sad that people who don't fully understand the game just went down to the review panel, typed: "Crap crap crap", and prevented the score from going up. Ah well, good game.