Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"

Love it!after all that time i still play this game lol,i already completed it like 5 times and ima complete it again,the style feels like a weirder smash bros and thats what i like about it. it doesn't look that big at first but when you get into it there is much more in it... its been a while and there hasn't been a chaos faction 3 yet,but i think there doesn't need to be one.people are begging for another one but what would they do if there wasnt even a second one? 5 stars,awesome game.

Chaos Faction 3?

Pretty fun stuff, man! It's not overly difficult, but still a challenge. Pretty cool aesthetic as well. Kinda wish there was a bit more customizability tho.

Side note, guys, made a level for this. Here's the code: STE%CC%BAA%CC%BC%CD%8E%CC%B2M%CD%85%CD%99%CD%85E%CD%8DDHAMS%CC%AE%CD%95,16,http%3A%2F%2Fi0%2Ekym%2Dcdn%2Ecom%2Fentries%2Ficons%2Foriginal%2F000%2F022%2F898%2F827%2Ejpg,16,$95;374;200;15,97;576;200;15,240;311;57;15,155;36;83;15,467;437;239;15,491;543;579;15,593;144;61;15,232;205;45;15$0;591;268;11,720;470;150;11$66;351,107;349,148;345,562;417,528;416,498;413

I hope you're prepared for an unforgetable battle!