Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"

Awesome , 5 stars!
Is a very good graphic and programmed game , when i was kid i played this game.

I recommend this game to anyone who is into epic fighting classics like super smash bros. Perfect controls and modes, though I wish there was a 3rd game in the series.

this is a really fun game

love how you brought dad n me onto this game as well, was defo using his character haha

i love how the screen brakes into peices when you dont want to try again after failing, really neat idea there!

keys were easy to use which hence got me far in the game even if i failed too soon haha

music is edgy and motivational for a game like this

good choice in colours too

I cant make levels and then put more difficulty on survival mode

This is a good game.
You can have my guys.
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