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Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"

cool xd

snowball or freeze ray + poison dart + rage = ???

WOW! I almost forgot about this one! I love it so much, please bring it on steam, I'll 100% buy it!

One of my favourite games I even played in my childhood, though I find Chaos Faction 1 way more difficult... Chaos Faction 2 is an easy game to beat. The only levels I dislike are the Polar and the Farmaggedon one. Polar being hard because there are 3 enemies, and Farmaggedon being hard because the farmer can get lucky and KO the foxes quicker. If you play this game for maybe 5 hours you will get enough skill to beat all levels without getting KO'ed once. You can easily get all achievements by "cheating", like to get the 5'KO and moar, by using Rage Match and making a map where P1 or Player 1 spawns at the front, and P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 spawn in the exact same spot and put them on n00b mode. I would recommend playing. If your game is lagging, you can go to Settings or Options to remove "Dynamic Screen" and "Particles" and also put the game to low graphics. Overall, extremely fun game, you can do anything almost.

Does anybody know what happened to the author?