Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"

This game is very addictive and a great way to pass time!


this is a really fun game

love how you brought dad n me onto this game as well, was defo using his character haha

i love how the screen brakes into peices when you dont want to try again after failing, really neat idea there!

keys were easy to use which hence got me far in the game even if you were to fail too soon

music is edgy and motivational for a game like this

all the sound effects were so kool even when you clicked/scrolled on different buttons example; campaign

good choice in colours too

Chaos Faction 2 is in some ways both superior and inferior to the original game. While it is neat to see a more "refined" art-style, the dozens of new weapons and characters, and the new hectic stages, sometimes the hazards end up resulting in dozens of cheap deaths.

In addition, unlike in the first game, there is no way to tell how much ammo you have left with your weapon, so you have to guess. There is still no way to tell how much health you have in a team battle, and despite Gorilli, Mechalo and Vortigon's return, Cowboy (the third wheel) is inexplicably missing, and his presence is sorely missed by me. In addition, I miss the "Auto" quality setting.

Overall, Chaos Faction 2 serves well as a sequel, but I hopelessly cling to hope that a Chaos Faction 3 emerges that fixes any remaining problems.

thanks for making this game through out middle school it kept me occupied and the two player mode was briliant cause it gave me a chance to show my skill to my class mates the charecters are great looking great work 10/10 game and one of my top favs!!