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Well, being a big fan of Canabalt game, I am hopefully launching this game of the same genre. This is my 2nd game of this genre.


1) Addicting gameplay.

2) Eye-catching graphics.

3) Score system.

4) All graphics are mouse drawn.

5) Fast paced.

6) 10 different types of combinations chosen randomly.

7) Reaching the end will give bonus of 2500 points.

8) Points get added as long as you are running over the platforms.

9) Awesome and energetic music by Psybot.

10) Completely developed by a single person.

Try to get as high score as possible.

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Good game and my score was 13370! WOW

Wait a minute? THIS is where Jump'It came from?!?! I never knew that!
Excellent work! I always play this 'till the end!

Best game I'VE played.

Please dont listen to the haters. I love this game. It's great man! I give you a ten. Keep the good work up.

What the flying fuck

Fell of the buildings, and I'm still getting points?

Anyways, this game sucks. The music sucks, the gameplay is just a dull imitation of Canabalt, and doesn't have the same replay value or awesomeness. No real story behind it, like why is he running? Canabalt has fuckhuge laser-shooting robot things, and you obviously want to get away from them. All you have here is Forrest Gump running like a fucking dumbass for no reason.

Shit game is shitty


Exact copy of Canabalt, 'cept everything is worse: Graphics, Soundtrack and Performance (Lags quite a bit for me). Also there's no real challenge here... 'cept for maybe dieing because of the lag.

No, just no. You could at least have thought of _something_ new instead of ripping off a really good game.