Reviews for "Jump'It"

my childhood fantasy come to life...

I used to imagine something like this on long car/bus/train trips...

a guy/car trying to keep up, while avoiding obstacles...


I loved the music, the mouse drawn artwork and color scheme was nice, 10 things are all you need, it was fun and an ending seems much more rewarding than a score. Personally it was waaay better than canabalt. it was more fun and easier on the eye.

Eh could be better

Graphics were "ok", music was kind of annoying. If you hold down the jump button its like your guy is sitting on some weird chair/bent pogo stick. Variable jump length is needed. Several times I started the game under the ledge of the fist building and died. I have also hit invisible walls when I am clearly not making the jump, instead of a fluid fall at an angle death.On your 10 features list here is what you messed up on.
1. Not really addicting (Canabalt = addicting)
2. Graphics were more of an eye sore, not being rude but orange and black are a strain, shades of grey and black are better (Canabalt)
3. Score system was too giving. On the third building I had a 1000+ points
4.Why would you admit to the game being mouse drawn? I guess you feel proud because it looks good for mouse drawn but it lets people know there is not much to expect.
5. Not that fast paced, more of a moderate pace.
6. Don't give away the fact that you only have 10 buildings.
7. Who cares about the end giving extra points, its not like someone was not planning on attempting to reach the end.
8. I guess that is a helpful tip.
9. Music is annoying.
10. Good job for doing it yourself though.

Canabalt is better in every way.

not as good as canabalt.....

.....but i guess you can't expect it to be. the main thing that bugged was the jumping style. it should be variable by how long you hold the jump button, not one tap and one predetermined jump.

Good, but

Good game, cool music, got boring after a while.