Reviews for "Jump'It"

Thumb up

Simply good, addictive and simple with a good choice of music, the game gets more challenging as you go on, great work.

Fell down, game went on

I like your style, but I fell down and the game just went on. That's inexcusable for this kind of game. Maybe I should give it another try.

fairly good

this is a fun game but not the best run and jump game on the web... the music was great but there was no way to change the hight of your jump which is a downside, the graphics are great aswell but they didnt change.


well its pretty good nice graphics and everything but it can get boring fast. you need obsticles or powerups to change things up a little.


A way to submit scored would be nice. otherwise I liked the random platforms and graphics were very clean, especially for mouse drawn. The real star was the music, which I thought was very well done.