Reviews for "Jump'It"

JUST... no

Canabalt is better. Youve wasted your time with this as it is far worse. You missed the whole idea of Canabalt, techno black and white cool office guy jumping buildings animated backgrounds ...

It didn't do it for me

I have no reason why this game just didn't "click", since it is a nearly identical Canabalt (which was much better) spin-off.

The music was good. Not enjoyable like Canabalt's, and it didn't make me want to find a soundtrack. The gameplay was identical. The background, the bright yellow, was annoying; it was too much for my eyes and made them physically burn.

There's not enough details. Canbalt has pigeons, windows to jump through and robots in the background, this is just a bunch of skyscrapers and a Catholic church.

Besides, some of the platforms are so far apart it's nearly impossible to cross them, and others are so close you jump two in one shot and fall down the gap between the second and third.

It needs more work.

awsome but..

it is a bit like catabalt. next time make it more actiony if you no wat i mean.

Simply Review

1) Not quite
2) Not a lot to it
3) Too simple to get points
4) What does that have to do with it?
5) Not into a game so fast paced, there isn't much to enjoy :L
6) So?
7) Supposed to look forward to playing not just acing it
8) Like in Canabalt...?
9) Not interested
10) It isn't the only game by one person.
I wasn't interested, and I'm only being honest. Wasn't much creativity in it, you just copied completely Canabalt...completely...cept...wheres the challenge? Than ya just go on about how fantastic you think it is...you're game is repetitive...same same same, where is the challenge and reason to run? Canabalt...chased and destroyed city...dressed up guy running for his life...this...um...anyways...don't give up just, take it from me, ya gotta think into the game more. :)

You definitely carried the tradition on my friend

A worthy successor I reckon, though you will need to work on graphics. See it would be awesome to have a quality-down button because game gets a little laggy.

And I have the same thing as the guy who posted a coment below: I loooove run-for-your-life games with great soundtrack ;) Raw simplicity of the genre is what is so great really, evedn when you have NO fingers you can still play it xD