Reviews for "Jump'It"


My only complaint is that it is way too easy. I think it could be greatly improved by different distances of jumping based on how long you hold the jump button down. Also some smaller, skinny buildings instead of the same five big ones.


A way to submit scored would be nice. otherwise I liked the random platforms and graphics were very clean, especially for mouse drawn. The real star was the music, which I thought was very well done.

Thumb up

Simply good, addictive and simple with a good choice of music, the game gets more challenging as you go on, great work.

my childhood fantasy come to life...

I used to imagine something like this on long car/bus/train trips...

a guy/car trying to keep up, while avoiding obstacles...

Wait a minute? THIS is where Jump'It came from?!?! I never knew that!
Excellent work! I always play this 'till the end!