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Bomb Droid

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This is pretty much a flash version of the origional bomberman game, complete with large scrolling play-fields. All new graphics and enemies can be found in the game, and there are various boss battles to keep things interesting.

oh yea, if you can't use SHIFT & CTRL to play, use A and S, this should help the Mac-heads out there

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Yet again, same thing that happened with your previous game rampage basically. Has a decently high score, but it doesn't work at all for me. The enemies have no collision, and the only way to die is by your own bombs. I couldn't figure out how to properly progress. The art was fine, and the concept seemed cool, so yet again, if you fix it contact me.


Boring is what comes to mind first. You are to slow for such big places, and the enemies are uninteresting as well. The items are scarce and not random so they make getting them boring, which makes actually getting enough to play boring. Everything needs a speed boost. Move faster, bombs blow up a little faster. Enemies moving a little less predictably would be nice too.


the good old N64 Bomberman would rotate in his grave if he would see that


the graphics and the bombs yes i can see why the other people dont like this game but it still deserves a 5

Not Bad

It's not too bad - it's kind of fun when you have to search for the door and destroy the other enemies. I like the new types of enemies as well although it would be nice if there was a bit more coordination with them (if it's been updated again).