Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

Bomb Droid

oh wow. this game is horrible. no sarcasm just truth. your objective is to do what exactly? drop a bomb and go to a blocked in area? this game is so bad i stopped playing it right after i died. piece of crap. 1/10 1/5.

Not really good

Just like everyone else said. The radius of the explosions are much too small and the gameplay just kinda.... sucks.

Challenging, but certainly not bad

This is a game that involves skill. Anyone who has played Bomberman before will know that this game is not one of chance. Instead of putting this in the Action category, I would most certainly put this in the Puzzle category.

FOR ALL WHO ARE LOOKING FOR AN EASIER WAY TO KILL ENEMIES: When you play to level 2 you will find a powerup that enables remotely detonated bombs. Be advised, if used improperly you become more of a danger to yourself than your enemies.

I my sole complaint about this game is that it needs a better menu interface, possibly with basic mouse support, and also configurable controls


i had to jack in just to write this comment........... its bad... ill gve u two points... one for effort... nd one cos the game had some form of imagination

Flawed set up

I agree with Secondswalker on this one. the blast of the bombs are too small and the enemies just walk away from them before they explode. Unless you get lucky, you have trap trap the enemy entirely in order to kill just one