Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


that was the worst game ive ever played on newgrounds. THIS BLOWS

This Game Blows Chunks!

The game starts out great, then when you start playing you realize it sucks arse.

CONS: bomb blasts are too short, bomb blasts do not kill even if the enemy is right next to it!! (it takes several bomb blasts), the enemy touches you once you are dead. Music gets lame in 3.1 seconds, no power ups.

PROS: bomberman concept?

Final Score: MEH!

better than the reviews say!

i liked this game
tho i didn't play it for very long

I could play this game for hours
joust make the bomb fire longer
(if you make a sequel

What the hell??

It was a cool lookin game other then the bombs dont reach out far enough and when I try to go corner the robot, it turns the other way and gets me. The bombs take to long to go off or the robots are to fast. FUSTRATING!

its ehh...

Good. I didn't really think it was great, but it was good.