Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


I remember playing this game before and disliking it, but I came back again and tried it one more time... After a lot of tries, I opted not to even put the time into passing the first level. The problem, as it feels like, is the sensitivity of the bomb blast and it's initial range. The timing on the bombs are so fiddly that most of the time the enemies will run into them and walk away even as they're exploding. The only option, most of the time, is to trap them in a single square where they can't move at all. AND, whereas it seems that enemies can walk away from anything except as direct a hit as possible, you yourself can be blown up by your own bombs if they catch even the smallest corner of you. The controls are nice and the music and visuals aren't bad, but the gameplay itself is exceedingly frustrating.

not bad

but not good

not the greatest

i think you could work on it a bit more...get a few power ups in there too for the bombs and try make it a little easier to move around
keep it up.

Bad controls..

Ok game, loses its fun quickly, and shift and control are bad button choices..


awesome dduuuudddee!