Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


Am I like back in time back when I had a sega and this was my favorate game great game, but I have to agree with gotenks2002 on every thing but the life bar. Mabey on the sequil you could use some of capcoms graphics and make it almost exactly like the origonal.

Great game...

....but, I sucked at it. So I don't like it. Still good, but I am not good at it.


It's a great game i love it


Evily addictive, very cool game!

love your games but crash and burn was just stolen

someone stole your crash and burn game. its new and its the exact same game. he stole it and i blew the whistle but since its not under your account it wasn't taken off. i would send the link but my account would get banned(again) so im not going to. it has the same name and stuff. so claim what is rightfully yours.