Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


i always loved atomic bomberman great game

yeah, it's been done but it was a good spin on it

I liked the speed and added firepower pickups. sure it's not terribly original... but c'mon! It's classic!


AHHHHH! omh my GOD! i was just playing another game and thought "hey wouldn't it be funny if that bombdroid game was on here" OMFG LOVE THIS F*CKIN GAME LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT>>> so goddamned addicting

because I love Bomberman

this game was very very good unlucky I have no Idea why it shall not be good there are good powerups but remember the bombmoving,the speed and the bigger explosion shall never be forgotten to be putted in


Great game, I love the powerups, love the graphics. I don't know what the other reviewers are complaining about, it seems to work fine for me.