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Here Goes Nothing!

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Author Comments

Just messing around, tinkering with mouth movements, making buttons, and animating expressions. My first Flash, so please be kind! C:>

The voices are all from random video games (Portal, Zelda, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, etc) and were only used for the purpose of practice. None of them belong to me.

P.S: A big thanks to my little sister Pickletoez, for teaching me how to do pretty much everything you see here!

P.P.S: If it's really THAT horrible, please go have a look at my artwork.
That's what I actually specialize in. I promise.

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D'aww that was adorable. I have to give credit to how the voices all sync well with the characters you've created compared to the original ones.

i think this was pretty amazing for a first attempt

I Just read the "Author's Comments" then I Just Voted 5 cause 1. Your work is Great 2. I like How you Credit the People who Help you. It's nice To see that. :]

That's about the coolest practice animation i have ever seen! i am almoast done with one too. *mine is still in the flash 8 program, waiting to be finished

"practise" xD gg no re

Sabtastic responds:

hah I had to Ctrl+F to find out where that was.
Weird because I spelled it as "practice" in the description but not in the tag-- lol