Phage Wars 2

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**Requires Flash 10**

Built on the extremely powerful Betz Biosystems, Phage Wars 2 is set up within a testing environment built around genetically modifying viruses. Your goal is to create the most powerful virus ever by defeating all the other genetically engineered viruses in this fast paced, strategy game.

Click and hold a cell you have taken over to select it. While still holding, hover over a cell you'd like attack and release.

To select multiple cells, click, hold, and drag across up to eight cells and release on a cell you'd like to attack.



Truly a great game at first I thought it would be too repetitive but I finished the game and was actually mad that it was over. PLEASE make another!

very awesome

quite an inventive and fun game. i like how unique it is, kind of like a RTS game but not. it can be a bit hard though, and whether you win or lose mostly depends on how good of a start you get. you should have let the cells go over 100 like in the first one.

LOL "BONEL" prize

Nice strategy game, it really has a great theme, even following the original characteristics of cells.

highly enjoyable

fantastically simple and fun love the scientific look for the upgrades etc. Fantastic would love to see a sequel with abilities or more features :)

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Great game

Love this type of game, which apparently is starting to become more and more common. This is probably the most deep and best of this type of game I played so far. The setting of this game is really clever too.

What I didn't like about the game was that it was too easy for me. To make up for poor AI, other games will skew levels so that the enemies have a starting advantage. This game didn't really do that so it was a cakewalk for me the whole game. And while I love the idea of mutating yourself with the stats, this system was a little bit too complicated for me. Too much time is needed in adjusting all the stats if you really wanted to optimize yourself.

But the game is so good overall I'll give it a perfect 10.

Tips for others, not really much strategy needed for this game. Just always go for the neutral spots in the beginning, as they are easy captures. As for stats, I like speed and reproduction. If you really wanted to be perfect, you could optimize yourself so that one stat is empty (for example str), and then add a ton of negative stats to it since it doesn't seem to go below zero. That way you'll have about 6 extra attributes at the end.

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4.40 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2009
5:39 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place July 6, 2009