Reviews for "Phage Wars 2"

Amazing. Only one thing can be improved upon...

We need multiplayer.

It was quite a nice game in my opinion. It seemed to be similar to games like Tentacle Wars, but I do believe the system used in this game for customization made it better. Not to mention I think you had a bit more levels of gameplay.

I liked the first, liked the second, would play a third if you ever decided to make another. Just sayin'.

Fantastic :D

But as said before it was way too easy!
I really enjoyed it :)

Good game but it was way too easy. I beat'em both in under an hour.

Awesome game!

I like the first one more, which I played AFTER this one, so you only get 9/10 stars for that. I sacrificed everything for reproduction, and exponential growth means more babies>all other attributes, so by the time I got to the end, my cells were filling up in seconds, making the game trivial to beat.