Reviews for "Phage Wars 2"

@MrRaZz one word "civilization"

an excellent game that is adictive.incase your wondering "how do i use the genes?" then ask me or someone else.

Very Fun, but a little more.

It got very good at the end, but then it ended. Great job on it, it was a lot of fun, but it needs to have more variation and tactics to the sequencing, because I ended up just putting on the genes that gave me the most added points and least subtracted. Then I was dominating at the end. Also, I could have had two more reproduction than the cap, so mabye you should try making the cap much higher but each point worth less, and have genes give more points in general so it is possible to really make different viruses. I barely noticed if my Agility was 6 or negative 3. 10/10 for how fun it was, 4/10 replayability. Mabye a multiplayer version?


very interesting game its unlike any game ive ever played.

Incredible Game

The game is fun as well as interesting. The most fun i had was taking over other cell's bodies and use those against them. I might have ended up with -4 agility but everything else was high. Great job on the game.

Excellent gameplay but...

The genes like +1 speed -2 reproduction REALLY SUCK!