Reviews for "Phage Wars 2"

Replay value?

Now I will say I did enjoy the idea of the game but I am sad to say that it would not have lasting power because I found one combination of stats that would win no matter what. I simply had high reproduction with high speed which always worked really effectively. The other stats didn't really seem to matter at all. The game would have been challenging if things like defense and strength had a little more effect.

It was a fun game but the replay wasn't there at all. I can't remember the name of the game but there was one where you infected the world and the goal was to hit every country. That game was challenging because countries would go all marshal law and close up like a clam if the virus was to noticeable. It would be interesting to combine both aspects of each game so you had to take in account for both sides of the coin.


It got boring to me real quickly,but it was fun at the first half hour.Its good.May i suggest you make another one?

Very nice, but much too easy

This was an amazing game, but the problem is, this is WAY too easy! Especially at the end with the red blood cells, I zoomed to each one and beat every end-level in about 30 seconds, including the last one.

Besides that this rocks. =P

Great game

One of the best games I've played in a while, but once I had created a strong virus I smoked the rest of the game. Extreme hard levels after all of that would have been sweet

I really liked it...

I loved making viruses...