Reviews for "Phage Wars 2"


Truly a great game at first I thought it would be too repetitive but I finished the game and was actually mad that it was over. PLEASE make another!

Nice game :D

I liked it :D It was a nice game to play for a bit in the beginning was a bit more challenging but after a while it was actually quiet easy.. Once you got that balance between speed strength and reproduction it was not hard at all I think towards the end the experiments would honestly last less then 10 seconds.

Like someone else already said defence was pointless like I said I could easily kill everything before they even had a chance to do anything was quiet pointless towards the end to be honest...

But fun game none the less :)

very good game

very interesting and very enjoyable but there needs to be a way to clear your progress! i want to totally start over and beat it again but i cant re-unlock things ;(

Congrats, you understood the editor

At the beginning, the game was quite diffcult and I thought about criticising you. But I found out that there is this sequence button where you can modify your culture. Yeah! Now I winnig everythin. Maybe the sequence button should be more easy to understand, like the sequence menu itself.
Apart from this small negative thing, I liked your idea of creating your own cutlure. Nice combination of strategy and biology ^^.

great game

however i have found that after the first section was complete the game was easy great game anyway(ps to ItoSaithWebb the game is called pandemic).