Reviews for "Phage Wars 2"

Cell Theory

This sort of reminds me of the virus found in the game prototype, it would be intresting if soemone could put this all down on paper! :)

Great game

Great game, I hope there is another in the works :)
Ps: ablastno41 must be an idiot to fail to get past level 2 lol


The game is great. The person below me does not know how to use the mouse.


its a REALLY GOOd game this :P

@ Ark-X01:
how can you have used 1hour on this? it isnt that hard xD :P


when I opened this up, I expected to play it for about twenty minutes before going to sleep.
instead I stayed up till 1 in the morning finishing every level.
This series has a really awesome gameplay mechanic, and I look forward to a possible Phage Wars 3.