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Carried by the Wind

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Finally it is finished! Took me way longer than I hoped, pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong. Couldnt establish a style, couldnt find time, 3D program was buggy, music was hard to time to in combination with the poem, and so on... There are many mistakes I wished to correct but couldnt (because otherwise I had to wait yet another year).

Anyway, this is my alternate take on Valentine. Instead of chronicling about love, I decided to tell a story about the road to love; the path we take before we confess. The goal of this animation was actually a confession of myself to someone. Unfortunately I got rejected, but that doesnt really matter that much anymore.

I wanted to go for a more surreal style with this one. I choose the textures for that reason; while giving the characters a contrast by making them black/white. I also choose not to give them facial expressions; as I wanted to concentrate on the path to confession, not on the answer resulting from it. I think that with facial expressions, I would have spilled the answer. It was also an experiment to see whether I could combine a poem with an animation. Special thanks for that one goes to MoonGoblin, a fellow deviantartist. He hasnt been active for a while now, but I still want to mention him for the excellent job he did.

Even though it is far from perfect, I hope you guys still like it. Happy Valentine!

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Not bad at all.

I gave this a nine because while the addition of 3D was a really nice touch and the poetry was beautiful, it seemed a little repetitive compared to your previous works. I still really enjoyed it; it had a beautiful message behind it.