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Sumoball 2

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Sumoball 2

This was never really supposed to be made into a game. I just made a test a long time ago and ppl seemed to like it so I decided to make the test into a game so... here it is then! Play this with a friend, it's most fun that way!

Instructions ingame.

just download it. it's free.

E: Updated the game to version 2. Check out the new features!

http://zuigeproductions.c om

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try KO me
im very very professional

IT seems that

VGplayer36 is right, the yellow one always wins if you don't knock it off yourself.


The game seems very basic. For me the computers keep on attacking each other without much success. The only reason they get out of bounds is because the ring is continually shrinking. Maybe a difficulty slider or options would make it more intriguing. As it is the enemies don't seem to use any tactics they just bump into each other constantly. Then at the end perhaps there could be a animation of a sumo wrestler wearing the same color belt as the winner bumping someone out of the ring. The only way to tell who wins is the voice at the end, but oddly enough the graphic seems to be the same regardless of color.


A very nice game.
Too eeeeeaaasssyyyyy. More hard levels
More colours

It is what it is.

For what the author was going for, this game is perfect. The only next step would be costumes for our little sumo balls, different music, and backgrounds, but all that is added flavor. I've been playing this game for months now. Not nonstop, but I come back every now and then.

If your finding that the AI is stacked to one ball, then maybe it is because you don't have computer 1, computer 2, and computer 3. Maybe it is because you have three computers, and one is difficulty 1, another is 2, and the last is 3, the third ball falling on yellow if you take the first one, the red one. Hmmmm....