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Martin the Spartan

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This is an original Flash animated short. Episode 1 of a planned 13 episodes telling the tale of a Spartan in a forgotten land and time. Evil poured down from the constellation ridding his land of all that was once good and sacred. Martin must now face this evil and restore his land back to once it was...

The style is VERY similar to Samurai Jack as I am a huge fan of the show and by no means am trying to rip the show off. If anything I'm paying it tribute. The story is original. All art and animation is original. Please keeps this in mind when reviewing. I am not trying to make people believe this is an entirely original concept. Ideas have been borrowed. Only for the sake of tribute.

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I hope you continue!

I'd disregard the Samurai Jack comments. People saying it IS Samurai Jack, just because of the animation? The art style? C'mon now! So many shows, even cartoons on actual television, borrow from each other or have the same visual styles. This is an entirely different plot, different story, different time period altogether! How many movies have copied the Matrix's slo-mo idea in the last decade? The "shaky camera" effect as seen in Bourne films and gritty action movies? Same concept here. This has nothing to do with Samurai Jack, at all, except it influenced his animation style...

And he even tributes it in his description up top.

If you have a vision I hope you complete it. After all you said this was only the first episode! I wouldn't take all that to heart; I see it's been awhile since you submitted this, but maybe someday you'll continue. I enjoyed it. 5/5 10/10 take care and good luck.

i dont know what to say

other than its obviously Samurai Jack. Well animated obviously. :] and I look forward to seeing what comes of the series. (I miss Samurai Jack).

Samurai Jack? Why?

Donkey is right this is a copy of samurai jack. Although I liek the show I have to give this a low rateing for no originality. Although if you put up another episode with more of a mix insted of a dead set seeing I got Jack out from the beginning I may rate it better:)

MonkeyPal-Media responds:

Thank you everyone for your opinions. This all was created from scratch, some original and perhaps most not perhaps. But it did take me a LOT of time to create this and I'll continue to make more Spartan the Martin, because my vision for this short is different then Samurai Jacks. Learning Flash is a learning experience and I had fun making this. People who want to continue belittling the short and me can. Most people have to start somewhere and grow. I am sorry if I offend anyone because this short is not entirely original.

You've got me interested

A nice start. Good direction, smooth animation and good balance of action and comedy.
Very interested to see more.

that's samurai jack alright

as soon as the spartan started killing the robot bugs, and you did that shot from the 3 perspectives, i immediately thought to myself, "this is samurai jack... with a spartan.".... then i saw Aku.... or Aku's brother or something.... and i thought to myself, "....oh.... this is samurai jack... with a spartan... and without originality of any kind."

look, it's one thing to borrow the look and style of the show. i love the show, and it has a fantastic art style. but as soon as you start copying the action shots, ideas and enemies (don't try to argue, that guy was fuckin' Aku) it unfortunately does come off more as a rip-off than a tribute.

don't get me wrong, it was not a bad flash. clearly a lot of work was put into it, and you did a very successful job mimicking the samurai jack art style. but unfortunately, you didnt achieve what i think you were trying to, in that it very much seems like a rip-off.

there wasn't enough story here for anyone to distinguish it from samurai jack. perhaps in the coming episodes we will see if it has a completely different story. but as of right now, this was a lot of work put into copying samurai jack with a different main character.

i suggest you make the story COMPLETELY different from samurai jacks for episode 2, or else people will see it as nothing but a rip off. fortunately, you have 12 more episodes to show your own creativity and ideas. good luck

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3.03 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2008
11:48 PM EDT