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Shore Siege!

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Arrr me old matey! This here be mine and me first mate Chris' tribute to the art style of that salty old dog Dan Paladin, and in a perfect world it would 'ave been done befarrr I met him at Comic Con, but life be as unpredictable as me mistress the sea! So good luck with the Castle Crashers launch, ye old harps!
Anyway - Yarrr! Ye be shipwrecked on an Island full 'o' monsters. It's up to you to defend your ship against countless hordes of vile beast and repair the ship to the point where ye can escape!
Good luck, matey!

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It's an enjoyable game, but quite difficult to play without a mouse.

Great game. Really enjoyed it.

I couldn't help but notice that several enemies from this game are from the game Prehistoric. Play it, you'll see!

What a game! HAhaha, this game is excellently made,fighting blobs, mallowmen, bomb flying birds, flying flames... with weapons you would not think of ( *nails..). The music is great but a little repetitive. But I would give it a perfect score since the gameplay is fun and it makes me happy.

i love this game! but could have medals and sequel...