Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


i hate dragging items all the time. good game just i hate dragging all that.


it's nice and i finished the game in 11 days

Not bad, but not good at all...

It's a kind of hard game and need a lot and a lot o dexterity... you must be very fast to survive. Yet, i liked it... i'm sure you can be better...

Good, but easy

Its a pretty good idea for a game, with each enemy needing a different method to be killed and such. The only problems are that the nail is completely unreliable (I know Im not just doing it wrong, I have tried shaking it every damn way and it still only seems to work when it wants to) and the whole thing is just a little easy, after upgrading the pin the hot air balloons (supposedly the strongest enemies) go down in one hit, the fire and water upgrades stop those two enemies being any threat at all. Those bom birds seem more like a weapon for you to use ans an enemy and artillery does a lot of damage for its 20 gold price tag and is effective against most of the enemies in the game, of course even if the enemies get past all this theres still all those pirate snipers and turrets, I didnt get hit in the whole game, its just so easy.

Anyway, I give it a 7/10. Its fun, but it deffinately needs to be harder.

Not bad, but not that good either

The idea has been done a lot in the past and it gets boring after awhile. also, i found the controls annoying, its irritating to have to move your mouse over the weapon of choice and moving it over the enemy, partically the birds as they are fast and you can only have a cage per bird. I would assign each weapon a number on the keypad to decrease the mouse moving.

Not a bad game, but not one i would come back to. Sorry.