Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


okay .... Now i want my hour back

not for me

this si one of those games that makes a perfectly normal intelligenced individual like myself feel like an idiot because i can't seem to see what's right in front of me. I can't get the darn nail to do anything on first wave! I click on it, nothing, i click and darg it over a blob and when i let go it goes right back into the inventory. i try pushing buttons in a panic while my ship gets attacked and i must be missing the right key.

plain and simple: your game needs to explain itself a little better. Some games do and some don't there is a universal for how to do things in gaming of this kind, but i was at a loss. call me what what you want. i won't say anything negative about your game. but i will say it is not for me or gamers like myself . . . who are impatient or require certain rudimentary instruction.


It did get a little easy, but I still loved it. The artwork is adorable too. Had a problem with the snipers shooting the roller balls out of my magnet before I got them to the water. XD But still very enjoyable.


A great game that gets too easy once you've, as previously mentioned by UNIQA, gets way too easy once you've got your super sniper force on deck. I just wish there could have been more variety with waves and perhaps the enemies (perhaps one that attacks from the sea? or does it go too much against the title itself?), but hopefully this will get fixed if a sequel comes out.

Otherwise, great job!

seh WUUUUUUD????

great game, overall!

i think there's a glitch... does anyone else have the prob of NOT receiving the magnet?