Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

Good Game

Overall a good game, though it was a little too easy in my opinion. Never the less I fully enjoyed it. I liked the monsters and the upgrades and the little sniper pirates.

Too easy

Good game, but WAYYYYYY too easy.

Finished in 18 days


It took me a while (losing the game once, to be specific...) to get used to choosing the appropriate weapon for every enemy rather than blasting them all with the strongest one. A possible improvement would be allowing weapon switching with the number keys or something; also, an ability to fix the ship in the upgrade screen, it was confusing not to see that...
Overall, a very funny and fun game :)

Fun For A While.

It's Not Half Bad, Upgrades Were Nice And So Were All The Monsters, But It Became To Hard In The Later Waves And Become Repetative And Tedius. 6 Out Of 10 And A 3.

good game

It is a good game but is was to short.