Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

Great, Needs Sequel

Good stuff!

good game

very good game i liked it 10-10

Once you figure it out, it's quite fun!

Some tips to new players:
-To use the nail, click & hold to move it around, and move it SUCH THAT the tip *pokes* at the blobs & balloons.
-When you catch a parrot in a cage, it drops its bomb which damages any enemies that were below it at the time. GOOD FOR STRATEGY!
-To win the game, you have to repair your ship fully, which is done in the upgrade screen. ($5000 per repair, 10 repairs to complete).


Good game, but why did they throw the captain off that just saved their lives?!?


This game made me smile as soon as it started. I do have to say that is was a bit too easy. Great job.