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There She Is!! step3

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update :
Frontpage!! Thank you NG! and thank you very much for all comments!
See you in step4! It will come 2 months later.

Hi, I'm amalloc of SamBakZa.
I've missed NG last 3 years.
Finally I can submit a new episode of "There She Is!!"
I'm so glad and I wish you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! step3 - Doki&Nabi"

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It was so (sniff) beautiful and the poke ball part was helarious and then the last part (dun dun dun just pureness

Ah, when the sweet innocent charm of our adorable rabbit wins over our stubborn kitty.

Great story I just love these two, can't wait to see more

Just love how this relation is against the system

Ah, young love..and old hatreds