Reviews for "There She Is!! step3"


This series just keeps getting better and better! I used to hate the 1st part and asked myself why it was so popular and well-rated, then I saw the 2nd part and started to appreciate the series much more and now THIS made me love the series!
I really like the cute story and the improved animations, the first part seemed like nonsense to me, but now I understand the story better. The story about not being like all the others. This was hearttouching.


So... Under the Rate this submission area of the page, under Credits & info, There's the uploaded date, and Format... You click the Swf format instead of the Mp4 format, and THEN you get the interactive version, and click the cloud in the upper right at the loading screen to get the alternate intro with the focus on Doki instead of Nabi. That was totally worth it to figure out.


This animation was sweet, funny, and perfect, i also loved the animation, it was so adorable!
All of this being made over 8 years ago, is a extremely stunning to me! You sir get my 5 stars!