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Armed with Wings 1

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Travel through the lands, in a quest to bring justice to the one who destroyed the rebellion army. Armed with an eagle, solve puzzles and beat down bad guys in this action packed plaformer.

If you encounter any glitches while playing, hit the restart level button at the top right side.

Left Right: move
Z = attack
X = block

A = release eagle
S = pickup items
D = keep eagle idle

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Armed with Wings. The game that started the saga. And while the AwW universe is pretty solid, the very first its title didn't age that well. It is not simplistic, it is basic, though it has interesting counterattack feature, which is, sadly, kind of useless. We have our three-strike combo, uppercut slash and charged attack. Our eagle can fly around as long as it has enough stamina, and can also be left in wait anywhere to distract enemies, this feature is also rarely used.

For the new players this game will not be easy. The first boss is a major pain in the neck if you can't time your third strike properly and not sure what to do when it goes into "recovery" state.
Eagle labyrinth and stage 11 are also quite tedious levels, if you are not familiar with controls and timings.
Oh, you also can't jump (you can in Rearmed, however).

Also, what is the song in main menu? I think it is the only OST from AwW games I haven't found yet.

why is this game so fucking unfair
the fucking first boss dont let me attack+
it was really fucking necesary to make de level 11 saws so fucking
you are a fucking idiot

D-SuN responds:

Thanks for playing! Yeah it's probably too tricky. I did remake this game though! It's on Steam: Armed with Wings Rearmed. Check out the trailer it's way cooler :)

A good game with a lot of original ideas that ends up being mediocre or even bad due to its failures. The clumsy combat system and poorly balanced difficulty make this game a very forgettable experience. Also, thereĀ“s a lot of glitches with the bird...

God, I was such a little ass back in the early 2010s.
These games have and continue to be fond memories of mine these days and I always will love the silhouette aesthetic and music.

Nice job on stage 4 design, genius.